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この度、ハワイにヘアサロンLike iTをオープン。



Like iT【…のように】をテーマにすべての女性が持つ

【…のような女性になりたい】と言う願望に全力でお応えし、仕上がりは常にLike it!【好き】と感じて頂く事をコンセプトとしています。

ヘアスタイルはファッションの一部であると共にファッションと同様に自由なものです。Like iTを通じて一人一人の女性が理想の女性となり、日々の生活をより楽しく感じてもらえる事を大切に考えております。

The owners of Like iT worked in the famous hair salon of Aoyama, Omotesandou, Ginza in Tokyo.

Sho's top class hair styling talents and skills have provided him many opportunities to style models hair for multiple magazine shoots and television commercials, giving him the honor of working with many talented models and performers.

Later, in May of 2014, Sho launched a hair salon and wedding company in Honolulu, Hawaii.

Today, Sho has opened his hair salon "Like iT" this time in his hometown of Honolulu Hawaii.

 We strive to pursue your image of perfection, melding your imagination and expectations with our hair styling expertise and experiences from both Tokyo and Hawaii.  Together we'll create the look you desire.

The theme is "how you want it!"
We'll do our best to assist those who, "want to be a woman who..."  You have ideas and expectations for your hair and we'll strive to style it exactly how you want it.

Our concept is that after we're finished styling your hair you'll always be satisfied and feel that, "I Like iT!"

Hair styling is all about fashion and freedom.

One person, one woman can be the ideal of all women at Like iT!  We think it's very important that you have an enjoyable life, everyday, and your hair is a huge part of your life!

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